• Our responses to Covid - 19 crisis

    Dear parishioners,

    The following decisions have been made about the Holy Week services and our responses to Covid - 19 crisis


    The Holy week ceremonies and services will be live-streamed from the Bishop’s chapel, Melbourne and our community may attend the same. Replay of the Melbourne services is available on their website. Please follow instructions provided in Bishop’s circular for the Holy Week. Please note that there is no time difference between Melbourne and Brisbane from this Sunday.

    There will not be any Holy Week services at our parish church. 


    Palm Sunday Services at 10 am:

    The parishioners are urged to hold a palm/green leaf while attending the live online services tomorrow and place the same at the front door after the service for the rest of the day. During the blessing of leaves by the Bishop, the leaf you hold in your hand will also be blessed.


    Corona Response Team:

    A Special Response Team has been set up to coordinate the community responses to those affected by Covid-19.  

    Please forward any request for help from within our community to one of the parish council members to coordinate appropriate response to the needy. We are hoping to provide the below services within our limited capacity:

    1.       Urgent financial help in case of job losses

    2.       Assistance with counselling and medical advice

    3.       Identifying external sources of help for the needy

    4.       Providing with food and groceries in emergency


    Sunday School program:

    The Sunday school staff are gearing up to start online teaching and assessment after Easter. More details will be provided later.


    The First Holy Communion program:

    At the moment it is unlikely that we will be holding the First Holy Communion ceremony at our church this year. Hence we will be starting the classes after the pandemic is settled. The parents can now pick up a text book from parish office and start training them at home. The parish level training will start later in the year.


    Video Messages from our Parish Priest:

    Fr. Abraham will give a video message/homily on the special days of Holy Week and Sundays from 5th April 2020 until the parish community is back to the parish church for worship. This message will be circulated by ward representatives via parish whatsapp groups. These messages are intended for the parish community only.